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All return and exchange requests will be reviewed and are subject to approval.


You may return Materials that fail to meet the specifications set forth in the purchase quote, purchase order or project brief to Asterand Bioscience for an exchange for the same Materials.

To request an exchange for different Materials, please contact your business development associate or customer service representative at

Return of Materials

To reject any Materials, please provide Asterand Bioscience with written or electronic notice of your intent to reject within sixty (60) business days of your receipt of the applicable Materials.

Please include an indication of the basis for such rejection with the above required notice to Asterand Bioscience.

If Asterand Bioscience does not receive your notice within the applicable time limit stated above, Asterand Bioscience will deem the Materials to have been accepted.

For any Materials properly rejected in accordance with this policy, the customer shall be entitled to return the Materials, in reasonable good condition, at your expense, for replacement by Asterand Bioscience within sixty (60) days post receipt of shipment.

Asterand Bioscience reserves the right to refuse the return of any Materials that have been substantially altered in a manner that affects the Materialsí size, format, weight or quality. Asterand Bioscience also reserves the right to reject replacement when the determined issue is due to the client.

This Return Policy is applicable to all acquisitions of Materials from Asterand Bioscience. This Return Policy may be modified only by written agreement. This Return Policy may be subject to agreements entered into by Asterand Bioscience and its clients. Asterand Bioscience reserves the right to change the return/exchange policy without notification.