Asterand Bioscience - Partners in Human Tissue Research

Who We Are
Asterand Bioscience is the leading global supplier of high quality, well characterized human tissue and human tissue-based research services to drug discovery scientists. Our mission is to provide human tissues and services to accelerate the identification and validation of drug targets and enhance the selection of drug candidates with an increased likelihood of clinical success.

Formed in January 2006 from the merger of Asterand, a human tissue biorepository, and Pharmagene, a human tissue-based drug discovery company, Asterand Bioscience is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive approach to meet the research needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. From our offices in Royston (United Kingdom) and Detroit, Michigan we have more than 90 employees focused on providing services and products to accelerate drug discovery research from target identification through to compound evaluation and drug safety.

Serving a Critical Need
Pharmaceutical research is at a critical crossroads. Despite a dramatic increase in R&D budgets, the number of new drug applications is falling because the failure rate in clinical trials remains high. Researchers have always known that animal models provide only a partial guide to drug response in humans. Thus, scientists are becoming increasingly reliant upon human tissue-based models to bridge this knowledge gap and improve decision making during the development of medicines for man.

Our Products
Asterand Bioscience offers unparalleled access to human tissue through its worldwide network of 36 active collaborative donor institutions. Our
XpressBANKTM biobank contains several hundred thousand specimens from a broad range of therapeutic areas and with diverse ethnic representation. Our tissues provide high value to our clients; the quantity of material provided for each sample allows scientists to conduct multiple experiments using a single specimen. In addition, our renowned quality assurance procedures provide stringent controls on specimen collection and characterization and on the corresponding clinical data. As part of this process, we also independently confirm pathology and assess RNA integrity of our tissues. Our quality control results are provided to researchers before they purchase so they can choose samples that will best meet their scientific requirements. Through our ProCURETM service, human tissues and clinical data can also be custom collected to meet special requirements. This includes the collection of follow-up data related to patient outcome.

Our Services
Asterand Bioscience's Services division offers exemplary scientific expertise in human tissue research. We have more than 10 years experience in providing top multinational pharmaceutical companies with human tissue-based services. Through our
PhaseZEROTM drug discovery services platform, we provide a collaborative scientific approach to deliver human tissue-based data on target & biomarker validation as well as compound potency, efficacy, disposition and safety. Our studies can be custom designed and are conducted on a fee-for-service basis where our clients own and retain all resulting IP and data.