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Synovial Fibroblasts - Normal

Synovial fibroblasts are implicated in several degenerative joint diseases, most notably in rheumatoid arthritis where they are directly involved in the pathogenesis and osteoarthritis, where they may contribute to the disease state. Asterand provides synovial fibroblasts from the synovium of patients having joint replacement surgery to researchers looking to understand the causes of degenerative joint diseases. We also provide isolated synovial fibroblasts isolated from joints with no evidence of disease for comparative studies. In many cases, Asterand can also provide chondrocytes from the same patient. Cells are cryopreserved after a limited number of passages and are provided as frozen ampoules. All cases are provided with Asterandís standard set of clinical data.
All synovial fibroblasts are provided in cryovials.
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Primary Human Normal Synovial Fibroblasts - PCD-90-0645
US Price: $750.00

Primary Human Normal Synovial Fibroblasts (Whole knee)
Donor ID# 136510A1
Lot # DT01010P0
~0.2 million Viable Cells/Vial
Post Thaw Viability >80%